lemmee & amis. écureuil 25 4 cm - B002YUKKGS

lemmee & amis. écureuil 25 4 cm - B002YUKKGS
Modèle : B002YUKKGS
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  • apporté à vous par Aurora

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  • Surface en fibres polyester et de plastique

  • Certifié EN71 et AZO Dye

  • 2 tailles disponibles

  • Hi, my name is Chewoo. I am a Red Squirrel from England.
    Its Nice to meet you! I am very outgoing and positive, so I have a lot of friends. I am good at sports, especially running, jumping and swimming. Come and join me. Let's have some fun.YooHoo & Friends are?adorable, colourful, collectable?plush characters with cute big eyes and bushy tails brought to you by Aurora World. There are more than 50 styles with each character based on endangered animals in their natural habitat. Children will be able to learn about each animal through the virtual world of YooHoo & Friends. The web site is free and does not require any activiation code for entry. Come and meet all of them at www.yoohoofriends.com.

    lemmee & amis. écureuil 25 4 cm - B002YUKKGS

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